St. Charles, MO Portrait Photographer | Tyler + Maddie

Tyler + Maddie have been married for 5 years!!! 


How 5 seconds turned into 5 years:                                                                                Tyler + Maddie met through friends at an event in St. Louis. Each one assumed the other must be spoken for. After being introduced, they became involved in conversation. Tyler said that any girl would fall in love with him if she just looked into his blue eyes for 5 seconds. Maddie decided that deserved some ribbing, but incidentally fell in love with the boy who had the bluest blue eyes she had ever seen.

We started their session at their home in St. Charles, MO and then as the sun was setting we headed to the historic district of St. Charles, MO.

Of course, we had to get a family picture with their doggies, Twiggy + Tootsie.

Five hearts for five years full of love. 

Congratulations Tyler + Maddie! 

For the Moment Photography by Amanda Turner

St. Louis + Metro East : Wedding + Portrait Photographers


5 comments on “St. Charles, MO Portrait Photographer | Tyler + Maddie

  1. Lisa says:

    Congrats on 5 yrs.!! I love all your pictures, you both look great!

  2. jadah says:

    Aww Maddie looks so pretty! Very Nice Amanda!

  3. Thank you to you both. Tyler + Maddie made it easy. 🙂 -Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I really love that last photo 😉

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