Belleville IL Photographer | Lovely ♥ Spring

Wonderful Spring. The first sprigs of greenery after a long cold winter, the first smell of barbecue in the neighborhood, and fresh flowers straight from the yard. Even though we had a relatively mild winter this past year, I’m still giddy for spring. The vibrantly alive color combinations a counterpoint to mild spring breezes…invigorating.

My new 50mm lens arrived in the mail last week, just in time to take advantage of a warm spring afternoon. I went around my yard and took a few pictures of my favorite flowers. Then my husband and I went for a walk in a park.  We strolled leisurely discussing where to take portraits for the wedding we will be shooting this weekend. How can you not enjoy this gorgeous weather?

Ducks… so cute, so graceful.

For the Moment Photography by Amanda Turner

St. Louis + Metro East : Wedding + Portrait Photographers


One comment on “Belleville IL Photographer | Lovely ♥ Spring

  1. Jadah says:

    Wow, these are really cool Amanda 🙂

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