Celebrating 5 Years Together

After five years together, I find it fascinating how my husband and I have become more alike or perhaps, have found more ways we are alike. Our sense of humor, our taste in food, and even how we can observe situations and know what the other is thinking, sometimes with less than a glance. Yet, there are times when we are completely opposite, i.e. how we fold towels. I think the difference  in our personalities keeps life interesting. So, it has been just that, an interesting five years.

It seems like we should be celebrating our one year anniversary. Life just seems to fly by that way. I’m glad that we took this evening with some family to stop and smell the roses. We met at Eleven Eleven Mississippi, on a perfect evening with mild St. Louis weather as a backdrop. Good people and good food made for some good memories. We talked of past family vacations and moments therein that seemed to have gone horribly wrong, yet now are humorous. Having family that you love is a blessing.

A fancy drink pose is a must!

Crab cakes… amazing!

And this would be an amazing steak! Rubbed with gorgonzola butter. Yes, gorgonzola butter. No words.

I love this picture of my mother in law with a delicious pizza. All of the food was so amazing!

Thank you for taking us out for a wonderful dinner!

xoxo Amanda

For the Moment Photography by Amanda Turner

St. Louis + Metro East : Wedding + Portrait Photographers



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